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Article written by La Hija concerning the death penalty. La Hija strongly opposed this form of punishment, insisting that it was cruel and did nothing to deter future crimes.

Portrait-Young Padilla.gif
Photo of Trina Padilla de Sanz

Portrait of La Hija del Caribe

Photograph of Trina Padilla de Sanz speaking on the radio, surrounded by a crowd. Also pictured is her son Ángel A. Sanz, to her left.

In this article La Hija argued against the discrimination against the elderly. She insisted that old age was something to be celebrated and respected.

Padilla de Sanz Portrait, final2.gif
Portrait of Trinidad Padilla de Sanz

This is an excerpt taken from an article written by Padilla de Sanz explaining that the dominance of the Anglo-Saxon race was not due to an innate superiority but rather an abuse of power.

In this article Padilla de Sanz highlighted the important contributions made by women throughout history.

Article written by Padilla de Sanz about the replacement of local priests in Arecibo to make way for the addition of priests from the United States. La Hija was furious that these new additions to the parish did not speak Spanish, preventing them…

This is an excerpt taken from an article by La Hija on the important role that women play in the home. La Hija argued that the contributions made by women while in the private sphere were just as valuable as those made by men in the public sphere.…
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