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This is an excerpt taken from an article by La Hija on the important role that women play in the home. La Hija argued that the contributions made by women while in the private sphere were just as valuable as those made by men in the public sphere.…

In this poem Padilla de Sanz lamented the extreme wealth inequality that led to the suffering of disadvantaged children. She observed how these inequalities in youth would greatly influence their path in life, creating a vicious cycle of poverty.

In this article for Condor Blanco, Padilla de Sanz wrote about the importance of preserving Puerto Rican culture and language when faced with powerful outside influences.

Article written by Padilla de Sanz in the publication Tricolor about Puerto Rican independence. Padilla argued that disunity amongst figures in the independence movement hindered the country's liberation efforts.

This is a poem by Padilla de Sanz written in honor of her friend, the suffragist Ana Roque de Duprey after her death in 1933. In this short poem, La Hija not only paid tribute to Roque de Duprey's fulfilling life but also alluded to the broader…
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