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In this article Padilla de Sanz highlighted the important contributions made by women throughout history.

This is an excerpt taken from an article by La Hija on the important role that women play in the home. La Hija argued that the contributions made by women while in the private sphere were just as valuable as those made by men in the public sphere.…

Excerpt from an article written by Padilla de Sanz regarding contributions made by women to the war effort. Padilla de Sanz argued that while traditionally seen as inferior to men, women have held their own throughout history and deserve equal…

This is a poem by Padilla de Sanz written in honor of her friend, the suffragist Ana Roque de Duprey after her death in 1933. In this short poem, La Hija not only paid tribute to Roque de Duprey's fulfilling life but also alluded to the broader…
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